What is a diet for weight loss belly and sides

A flat stomach is the dream n ° 1 for many members of the fairer sex. Therefore, a diet for weight loss the belly and on the sides for the women the menu of the week is one of the most popular problems. There are a multitude of diets that promise fast results. But, unfortunately, every plan for the belly and the sides brings an expected result. As a result of your attention will be the most effective meal plans for weight loss data of the problem areas, the effectiveness of which has tested on itself already a hundred women.

The general characteristics and rules of the plan to reduce the belly and sides

slimming diet

Before you begin the process of weight loss is necessary to clarify what constitutes a diet for removing fat from the belly and sides. So say the nutritionists, the weight loss during this diet plan happens due to the exclusion of the supply of products, the promotion of the formation of fat.

Build nutrition for weight loss is necessary on the basis of the following products:

  • fresh fruit, vegetables and berries;
  • grains and nuts;
  • the hen's eggs;
  • low-fat dairy and dairy products;
  • the fruits of the sea;
  • leaner meats (veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit);
  • vegetable, olive oil and flax oil.

Generally, building the plan of food based on the products offered, you can discard up to 3 kg in 7 days, without a lot of stress to the body.

What are the foods to exclude? Here is the list:

  • cooking;
  • candy;
  • of the smoke;
  • the fatty foods;
  • of the smoke;
  • fast food;
  • the food is quick cooking;
  • alcohol.

For weight loss has been a success, you need to assimilate the foundations of how to eat to remove belly fat and sides. The basic principle of the diet is a fractional power. Therefore, you must eat small portions, but often. The break between meals should be 2-3 hours. It is important to remember that fasting can in no case. If the body will not get all the necessary nutrients, it begins to accumulate fat and weight loss stops.

In addition, for weight loss the most effective, it is necessary to respect the second principle: the food should be varied. Not worth it to turn a week of regime, mono-diet, as this can result in a lack of weight. It is recommended to introduce on a daily basis in the plan of meal of new dishes, and not repeated. This will not only help you run the weight loss process, but you useful please healthy dishes.

Also very important to follow the order of the input and output of the power supply. In order to start a diet was not a big stress for the body, it is necessary to begin gradually to exclude from the daily diet of foods that are forbidden and to put in place. At the end of the power supply to secure the desired outcome, and do not take your excess weight, doctors-nutritionists advise to build on the basis of the daily diet of the recommended products less than 50 to 60 % or to begin practicing good nutrition.

The chinese diet for weight loss belly and sides

One of the most popular and effective diets to remove fat from the belly and sides is a variant of "chinese" of the plan. The diet plan allows you to remove several centimeters in size and lose 5 to 10 kg of Chinese diet lasts 2 weeks. However, as indicated by the doctors-nutritionists, in order to successfully come out with a plan and fix the result, you need to continue eating this way for 1 week.

Effective diet for weight loss belly and sides, "chinese", as follows:


  • breakfast: salad of cabbage — 150 g of clean glass or mineral water;
  • snack: walnuts — 250 g;
  • lunch: rice — 1 cup of salad, pieces of carrots — 150 g of plant health;
  • dinner: boiled fish — 200 g of vegetable slicing — 150 g, a cup of yogurt.


  • breakfast: a salad of carrots — 150 g, toast of whole wheat bread with low-fat ser — 1 piece, coffee without milk and sugar.
  • snack: fresh berries — 1 cup;
  • dinner: vegetable broth — 1 plate; pack — 1 piece, fresh apple;
  • dinner: boiled rice — 100 g grapefruit — 1 piece, phyto-tea, or a glass of water.


  • breakfast: rolled oats — 1 cup; fruit salad — 150 g of orange juice;
  • snack: a toast of wholemeal bread with low-fat cheese;
  • lunch: asparagus, boiled — 250 g salad with sauerkraut — 150 g rice-rice cakes — 3 pieces, herbal tea;
  • dinner: stew of mushrooms 250 g potatoes in robe — 1 piece, low-fat yogurt — 250 ml


  • breakfast: oatmeal with dried fruits — 1 cup banana — 1 piece, coffee without cream and sugar.
  • snack: fruit salad — 150 g;
  • dinner: chicken broth — 1 plate, cooked asparagus — 300 g, pure or mineral water — 1 glass;
  • dinner: boiled fish — 200 g of potatoes, fire — 2 pieces, phyto-tea.


  • breakfast: rice — 250 g of kefir or yogurt — 250 ml;
  • snack: zoo — biscuits 100 g;
  • lunch: seaweed salad — 250 g herbs an hour;
  • dinner: vegetables, cutting chicken — 250 g of rice in rice cakes — 2 pieces, pure or mineral water — 1 teaspoon


  • breakfast: whole grain cereal — 1 cup of apple cider fresh — 250 ml;
  • snack: fresh berries — 1 cup;
  • lunch: boiled turkey — 250 g of salad vegetables — 150 g of phyto-tea;
  • dinner: boiled fish — 200 g, toast with low-fat cheese, yogurt — 250 ml
menu slimming


  • breakfast: salad of pears and kiwi fruit — 250 g of coffee without cream and sugar.
  • snack: nuts — 1 cup;
  • lunch: rice with vegetables — 250 g of mineral water — 250 ml;
  • dinner: fish stew — 250 g seaweed salad — 150 g of phyto-tea.

The second week of the simple plan to lose weight of the belly and the sides must have the opposite direction. Therefore, one week diet must start with the menu of the resurrection, and then finish Monday. The third week, you should gradually increase the portion size, and enter usual dishes. However, the fatty foods, butter and heavily in calories candy a bit of time yet, should be avoided.

The plan-nedelka to reduce the belly and sides

Situation where the need to quickly produce a figure in the order, familiar, perhaps, each representative of the beautiful sex. How to remove belly fat and sides of the house for a short period of time, are interested in girls who want to get an hourglass figure as soon as possible. The solution to this situation can become a diet fast for weight loss the belly and on the sides, calculated on the 7 days.

One of the most popular diets, helping to clean the sides and the belly is the plan of the alternation. In the framework of the eating plan menu, you must repeat each other. On the third day, it is recommended to do a day of fasting, on the basis there is no fat in the buttermilk or yogurt. As affirmed by the representatives of the fair sex, who practice this type of diet, with this diet plan, you can lose up to 5 cm of waist circumference and up to 2 — 3 kg in a week.

The menu plan of the week is the following:

1 Day:

  • breakfast: vegetable cutting low-fat cheese — 250 g of coffee;
  • lunch: goat cheese — 100 g;
  • lunch: vegetable salad — 250 g boiled chicken — 100 g of fresh orange juice;
  • snack: dried fruit and nuts — 250 g;
  • dinner: vegetables slicing — 250 g of plant pests.

Day 2:

  • breakfast: egg - 1 piece, rice-rice cakes — 2 pieces, coffee;
  • breakfast: yogurt;
  • dinner: vegetable broth, boiled fish — 250 g of fresh apple;
  • snack: fruit slicing - 150 g;
  • dinner: beans, 75 g of boiled beef, 150 g orange — 1 piece, kefir.

However, it is important to remember that the week diet is effective only in a small excess weight. In the case of a large amount of fat under the skin, it is recommended to use the most long and serious correction of the ration.

A diet to lose weight the belly and on the sides — a universal way to acquire the desired shape without too much difficulty and danger to health. The compliance of the plans presented power to help you easily get rid of the fat on the belly and sides and get the desired result in the shortest possible time. Love to you and to continuously develop!